Wednesday, November 23, 2016


In honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow here is my Thanksgiving post. Appreciation is a synonym for thankful, which is what this holiday is about. 

Try this: every day whenever your head is empty and your thinking of random stuff, try and think of all the good things in your life. I don't mean big broad things that you don't really relate to but you say because they sound good, I mean the little things that happen every so often and make you smile. Like "my husband changed my oil today and rotated my tires" or "my kids drew me a picture today and they remembered my favorite color was red". Those tiny little things that recognize someone else or something else happened that means you are important, you are special and good things happen to you.
How often do you go all day feeling crappy like your not even sure why you bothered with getting dressed this cute today? Then you get home and your house is a mess and your just like, "forget it, I am going to bed at 6:00 cause nothing I do matters anyway". Spending time burrowing into your brain and memories and seeing these small things makes you appreciate your life more. It makes those sad days farther between (I haven't figured out how to figure out how to kill those days entirely yet, but I'm working on it I promise). It reminds you of why you love your significant other, it helps you see your family does appreciate your hard work, and in the worst cases, it forces you to see when someone doesn't appreciate you and the relationship is no good.
So many of our partners and loved ones don't give huge grand gestures of love and loyalty every day and even if our logical mind says of course they can't and that would be silly, we still want to feel appreciated. But if you take some of those random mindless times and try and find those moments, when someone does something for you that prove they think of you, that prove they know you and heard what you said, you have less and less moments of aggravation and annoyance and feeling like no one even notices you. and more appreciation for the world around you and the wonderful life you lead. Remember, nobody owes you anything in this world and you are only one responsible for you, anyone doing something to make your life better or easier or remembers something small about you is a gift that they are giving you out of love.

Here is 5 things I appreciate:
  1. My husband sends me good morning text when he gets to work cause he knows I needlessly worry every morning and sends me texts all day long. Sometimes they are just things he thinks I would find funny on the internet, sometimes its just good morning and asking how my day is. My husband thinks of me all day long.
  2. My Best adult friend and I talk in the morning before she goes to work sometimes. Sometimes we can't, but when we can, its great. We don't see each other often enough cause she is a wife and a mother, but we still keep up with each others lives even though we are 2 counties apart.
  3. My mom doesn't ask me all the time if I am pregnant yet or push books and "how to get pregnant" stuff on me. She knows its a hard spot for me, and I know she really wants to, but she tries to not bring it up. 
  4. My mother-in-law calls me just to talk and I like talking to her. How many people can say that they have such a great mother-in-law?!
  5. Three daisies grew in the flower pot around my mailbox. I couldn't get anything to grow there till now and even though I love daisies, I have trouble growing them anywhere. But three grew and bloomed and they look beautiful. 
    There is a guy who appreciates the little things.
    BTW Bob Ross is on Netflix in case you didn't know!


  1. This was a really great read. It is true that at times when we only see the bad, we need to work on remembering the good to help us through. Appreciation and thankfulness for the little things in life do make a huge difference...thanks for this post!