Friday, November 18, 2016

Desktop Fairy Gardens

So my girlfriend and I made these desktop fairy gardens last weekend and I finally remembered to bring it to work to put on my desk. Can you even handle the cuteness!!
The whole thing probably cost me about $40 and $20 of that was the bowl, so you really could buy a cheaper bowl or if you have one at home already even better. But here are the basic tools I used. Sorry I didn't take pictures as we were making them, I got over excited and forgot. 
  • Moss from Dollar General
  • Butterflies from Dollar General
  • Foam bottom filler from Dollar General (you can't see it here but its what everything is actually sitting on)
  • Real Succulents from Shop Rite
  • Fish castle and Fish rocks from Walmart
  • Bowl from Walmart
  • Mushrooms we made from Play-Doh and toothpicks. 
  • Twine I got at one of those Target Clarence section deals and added to the bowl with some hot glue

Front View
Back View
Up close view

On my desk! 
My Friend's, Freaking adorable! 

Her's is with a 6 cup measuring cup