Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My house is kind of a mess

I would like everyone to know, my house has been a reasonable level of clean for almost 2 weeks!!

Look, normally, my house is kind of a mess. I have no excuses, not really. I do not have children, I don't even have a dog. I am a happy kitty mom to Penny and Ms Meow, but they are rather small and Ms Meow lives in a kitty penthouse outside (Ms Meow Post). So really I only have Penny and my Hunny to clean up after besides myself. I would not consider my house dirty, I vacuum, I clean the bathroom, I dust, I do laundry and dishes are done, cat litter boxes don't go to long, trash is thrown away, my house is just a cluttered mess. My problem is picking up stuff. Laundry tends to take 3 or 4 days of sitting in a basket in the living room before its folded, the bedroom is in a constant state of "tornado just went through here", kitchen seems to always have a half empty liquor bottle on the counter and a left over cup from last night (I don't even drink), that sort of thing. When Hunny works a lot one of the first things I do either when he works a long day or an extra day, is clean clean clean. Then I can keep up with the mess of just myself and the few hours he is home and awake. Then I blame him entirely for the regular mess we have :)
My favorite attempt at becoming a clean person was the 20 minute rule. Every day I set my timer for 20 minutes and I clean everything I can in those 20 minutes. The on a day off I do that 3 or 4 times through out the day. That seriously worked for a while. Then I didn't do it one day, then one day became 2 days and 2 days became 3 days then I found a really good book and that just killed the whole thing cause I just had to finish this book before I cleaned, then I never got back on the horse.
I guess my excuse is that my goals in life are to be good person, not a neat and tidy person. Sure, mine and Hunny's clothes get to the veeeerrry bottom before I wash them (I will say we wear almost all our clothes and don't just rotate through the same clothes all the time because of this), and I flat out refuse to do dishes (that's his chore) unless he works more then 60 hours in a week. Cleaning just isn't my thing. I keep telling myself when we have kids I will have to get better, but if we are realistic here, just cause I will have kids, it's not going to change my cluttered self. When I was in the group home as a teen, they actually gave up on my room not being a FEMA disaster scene at all times and just said as long as I make progress on my mental health goals, they wont keep me locked up just for being a mess. At one time, I lived with a clean freak and she helped me to be WAY better, but even she just stopped going in my basement room after a while cause it gave her heart palpitations.
The Hunny
I try, I really do, and when Hunny is working a lot and its just me and Penny, it gets way better. But once he is home, I don't want to spend those moments with him cleaning, I want to cuddle and relax together, and cleaning is not our happy zone.
But, these last 2 weeks between having people over for thanksgiving and I have been miraculously driven to pick up after ourselves, its been pretty good. Yes I have hidden the 2 baskets of clean laundry that needs folding in the back corner of the house and I have been taking the Amazon boxes and hiding them away and not even opening them, BUT lets not get picky here. You can see the floor in my bedroom and my living room and kitchen are a level of neat and tidy that other humans would say "oh my house its way worse" even if they don't entirely mean it.

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