Monday, November 7, 2016

On Fashion

Once many moons ago, I was an angry goth kid. Immediately following that I went to a school that required a uniform of a navy collared shirt and khaki pants (::shivers:: it look me a long time to wear khaki again), once I was required a uniform I began my "screw fashion" phase and wore cheap shapeless clothing that made me look as young as I was. I would like to tell you that phase didn't last long, but that would be a lie, that lasted till I was around 25. Periodically I would buy something that fit, but really, it was just a long line of bland, shapeless, unmatching things that said nothing about my personal fashion or my personality other then "look how much I don't care about myself, isn't it ironic". What the heck was I thinking?!
My personal fashion has grown and changed a lot over the years, as everyone's does. Mostly because of my job, but also because one of the really great things about getting older is that you start to get more comfortable with who you are as a person and you can express it more comfortably and feel less self conscious about it. Don't get me wrong, I am not out to be Mz Fashion Icon here. I believe in spending a little money on the fashion staples and getting everything else as cheap as possible. I am no good with name brands, I just like stuff I think is pretty and looks good on me. Fashion is more then just wearing what is required of you, its a way to express all of the colors and thoughts you want the world to see in you in a tiny instant. Its being able to walk into a meeting room filled with men who think your just a dippy IT girl and demanding respect and attention before you even open your mouth. Fashion is comfort on a bad day and an explosion of joy on a good day. So here is a a couple things I wear and how they make me feel.
 I recently got this leather jacket after losing my favorite leather jacket in the mall in a moment of carelessness. This outfit makes me feel skinny and pretty. Boots i have had forever.
After photo shoot with my friend yesterday in an attempt to get a decent picture of me for this blog. I love this outfit, it makes me feel fashionable and adorable and expresses who I feel like I am. Skirt from Primark  Boots from Boscovs The sweater was a gift from a friend.

 Kohl's jacket, Old Navy Skirt. I felt like a badass lady in this. Like I was on point and gonna teach some bitches how to use a computer and they were gonna like it! 

  Kohl's jacket, Old Navy Skirt again. Crazy how you can dress almost the same outfit different way right!? 

 Another Kohl's jacket, this picture doesn't do it justice though, its all polka dot and puffy adorable sleeves! This is from me old job when I was able to wear jeans. Love the Jeans and a jacket combo. Looks so "casual business lady" to me. 

 Modcloth Love. Can't even being to tell you how much I love them! The Shoes and Shirt are both from there. Felt so skinny and pretty and cool in this. I think i wore this outfit with different shoes that day, But who doesn't love those shoes!! 

My wedding Dress! If we are gonna talk about my fav fashion, I gotta put my wedding dress out there! I felt so pretty and perfectly ME in that dress. Recognize the shoes!?

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