Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The moment you go from planning...to doing

One of the things I do a lot at work is projects. I bring my boss's or mine ideas to reality. Its probably one my favorite things to do, but it also stresses me out like a over pulled rubber band. There are a billion small and big projects in Real Life too. Here is the steps I follow when I am in charge of a project no matter if its work, or Real Life:
  1. Project idea presented and practicality and all that junk is hashed out
  2. Katy presents all the things that can/will go wrong, project presenter ignores them and says do it anyway but with none of that bad stuff. Katy has minor mental breakdown in her office and then accepts her lot in life and moves on.
  3. First draft lists are created. Steps to complete, issues to iron out, people to talk to. General timeline is created. either in writing or in my head.
  4. Call the first set of people that need to be called for quotes/scheduling/whatever needs to happen.
  5. Learn all the stuff I need to learn by interviewing people who know or researching online.
  6. Walk away from project cause its making my eye twitch. Don't come back for at least a week. My excuse is usually that I am waiting for something but this is the step that makes me not lose my mind. I have tried skipping this but then I just turn into a ball of anxiety that hates everything and I can't pull myself far enough away mentally to see the end result and get excited about accomplishing it. 
  7. Week or so passes and I return to my lists, maybe make another draft or edit the first one and I start following up with people who I feel are ignoring me and are out to ruin my life and start figuring out how to start crossing stuff off. Then people start getting back to me and I have to decide things.
  8. OK this is the part that gets freaking scary.
  9. Stuff starts happening Anyone who has ever started a project of any magnitude whether it be in Real Life or at work knows this is the part that keeps you up at night.Those tasks and lists you have start are coming to life, the gears start spinning, things start changing that will eventually end in your goal being completed. Its like, holy cow, you are a now a person who is making stuff happen!
  10. The dominoes start falling, all the items on the lists start getting checked off, you start getting that euphoria that makes you believe this could actually work and you may not have any issues at all. This is great!
  11. The final piece falls in place, go live day is here, this is the end....all your hard work is now visible to the world!
  12. Then something goes wrong. Maybe its a big thing, maybe its something you had no control over or its something you overlooked (at this point you may need to see previous blog post "Trying to hard"). Or maybe its a teeny tiny thing and everyone knows you couldn't have predicted this no matter what. No matter how big or small and who's fault it is, only experience will make you realize this always happens and is part of the project and you are not the biggest idiot in the world and a total failure. 
  13. You fix the issue, you realize some stuff cannot really be fixed and just has to play out. Your done. Maybe a few follow up items happen but unless you are an active part of this project, your basically done and its time to wash your hands of this whole thing and walk away. Pat yourself on the back, you did it lady. 
These are the steps for every project in my life with some minor variations. This is how I purchased my first home, this is how I planned my wedding, and this is also how I became the director of quality assurance at work and how I reformatted an entire network. This is years of anxiety, stress, foreshadowing, crying in the middle of the night, and this is how a mental patient teenager became a successful adult. Every single time, step 9 gets me. Its that moment you step off the bridge and jump. I am nobody's adrenaline junky guys, I don't feel a rush when I drive 110 mph, I just try to take a deep breath and look for the end and try to get excited for it. 

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