Friday, November 4, 2016

Trying to hard

Have you ever tried to do something so hard that eventually you fail at it, just because you tried so hard? Why do we do that to ourselves? I do it all the time. Take this blog for instance. This is my first entry. Not really though, this is actually my 3rd entry, I deleted the first 2 because I hated them. Cause I tried so hard and I wanted to "make my blog about something" but it all came out forced and I sounded like a douchebag. I hate sounding like a douchebag (thank you spell check for fixing my spelling of douchebag, wouldn't want the grammar nazi's correcting that would we).
What are you supposed to do when you try so hard and fail. The obvious answer being "don't try so hard", well that isn't an option. If I could do that I wouldn't have tried so hard in the first damn place. I feel like lately that's been the reoccurring theme of my life. I try too hard at something > I fail > someone I love gives me the amazing advice to not try so hard > blah blah blah. Obviously this doesn't happen every time, we all succeed sometimes when we try, right? Look at the World Series that just happened, that happy little baseball team tried as hard as any team can try, and look, they finally won! But I firmly believe they would understand what I am saying here because they have likely been trying very hard since 1908 and failing. I bet they are very jealous of the Yankees or whatever other teams win a lot in baseball (sorry guys, my dad is a Yankees fan and that's the only team I know that wins a lot). I am very jealous of those people that try and success at a ratio that seems much higher then mine. Then they have some amazingly inspiring story or trial and tribulation that just makes me feel worse about myself cause they are obviously a much better person that I am for going through all that and not becoming the sad lay-about who bitches about failing all the time that I am.
So whats the answer? We don't ask gym coaches and extremely inspirational people to help answer that because they just give us a really great inspirational speech that make us secretly hate them a little (we just like to read the one-sentence quotes they say about trying harder and digging deeper). Now I am the kind of gal that when I see a problem, I like to fix it. Its like a daemon inside me that must fix things. But you know what I hate? That often there isn't an answer that just fixes things, or the answer isn't reasonable, acceptable, or its something I have tried that just doesn't seem to work. You fat? Diet and exercise is the answer! You fail every time you try to hard? Don't try so hard! Your finger hurt every time you bend it? Don't bend it! These are not answers that the fix-it daemon inside me find acceptable. So what now? How do we move on and continue this dog-gone life continuing to try and try and continuing to be that guy or gal that fails and fails. Well I guess we take a lesson from that little baseball team (the Chicago Cubs by the way) who kept trying for 108 years and finally succeeded. How many guys in that time started and ended their career on that team but never saw success, how many fans lived and died without ever seeing their favorite team get to the world series, hell if you check Wikipedia the did't do much winning at all for 71 years but they kept freaking trying. "But they get paid" you tell me? Well, if your trying at something your obviously trying for a reason, so whatever that reason is, that is your "getting paid".
So I guess I will stop trying, or keep trying, or what-the-heck-ever, maybe eventually I will be that inspirational jerk you can secretly hate a little but you can read and post my awesome quotes. Here is one for you:
If your figure hurts when you bend it, stop bending it for now and try again later.


  1. Amen amen amen!!!! Can never try too hard bc it never works for me either!

  2. Relax and try again later! That is the best you can do :)