Thursday, December 29, 2016

This year at a glace and Goals for 2017

This year I...well you know whats funny...i had to look back on my Facebook to remember everything i did this year. So sad. But here was a actually a pretty good year.

  • Made my first snow man! 
  • Started a new job (actually in December 2015 but it was rally late December, so it was more a 2016 thing)

  • Had my first sleep over with my Nephew. We built a fort that covered my entire living room. Ms Meow and him fell in love that day, who knew my badass kitty could love a little kid that much!
  • I lost a ton of weight and a whole pants size. but then i gained it back :( Oreo's and I have a love/hate relationship. 

  • Got freaking married!! In Las Vegas with 40 of my favorite humans! Had an amazing bridal shower because of my sister and my mom-in-law and had the BEST bachelorette party cause of my bestie and my sister! The whole experience was A-freaking-mazing
  • Upgraded to Windows 10. OK this may not be a big deal to you, but I fix computers for a living, this is a big deal for me. 

  • Did a Color Run. Loved it. 
  • Started dying my hair fun colors. I have been through, Aqua, Blue, Galaxy, Pink and purple, and red/orange and pink
  • Sewed me and my Friends Halloween Costumes and they came out awesome.
  • Started this awesome blog :)

  • Went to my second Giants game (I am a Patriots fan, but Hunny is a Giants fan. The things we do for love...)
  • And of course, lived through this election year. Hunny and I are both avid political watchers and we try to vote as often as we can. I keep that stuff off this blog though since its not something i feel like spewing about on the internet. But lets just say this was my favorite meme this year:

"And in the end, its not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." 

For 2017 I am asking myself to accomplish some realistic goals, and I will review at the end of 2017 and see how I did. 
  1. Conquer the closet! Try to organize my "closet space"(its actually an entire spare bedroom, not really a closet) with less clothes, less crap, and only keep stuff I really love. 
  2. Have a clean house more consistently. Start dusting and de-cluttering on the regular. 
  3. Start and finish 2 quilts. 
  4. Go to California and see my Cali family and hang with my Grandma.
  5. Get Hunny and I to eat more healthy and cook at least 4 days a week. 
  6. Continue this blog. 
  7. Set a real time frame for actually starting the addition to our house or decide another path.
  8. Donate blood 5 times this year.
  9. Do another fun run.
  10. Volunteer to help animals somewhere at least once. 
That's all realistic stuff right? Lets do this! 


  1. Good luck with your goals! Cooking more often is definitely something I need to work on this year as well.