Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dita von Teese Show

So I missed my post last week, but I promise I have a good reason. Myself and a few friends all went and saw the beautiful, amazing, glorious, Ms Dita von Teese!!!!!!!! There are really no words to describe how amazing it was. Firstly, she has a stage presence that makes you feel like you are the only person in the room; the way she looks and connects with everyone in the audience just blew me away. Heart palpitations and everything! Honestly, she is more beautiful in person then she is in photos, and if you have seen even half of the bazillion photos I have of her, then you are questioning if this is even possible, but I assure you, it really is. So here is the few pictures me we were able to take (even though we weren't really allowed to take any at the show) and I will tell you about me and my terrible temper and how the show went at the end.
My Outfit
Another one of my outfit.
Leggings from Esty Store Carouselink
Lace Cardigan from Amazon
Vera Wang Shoes from Kohls

Troll in my purse went to the show too. He was a tad scandalized by all the boobies. 

My friend Angela. It was her birthday :)
Because there are some moments in life that require kissey face photos.

Lazy song Dance. ::sigh:: perfection. 
Last Dance. There was an explosion of glitter after this.

The show was at The Gramercy Theater in New York City. My girlfriends and I got all dressed up in sexy outfits. I was a little more modest, being much less comfortable showing skin, but we all looked great. This was proven when we walked up to the door and got to cut in line and not wait outside. I mean it was either we looked as awesome as I think we did, or the bouncer took pity on us because it was cold as shit and we were freezing our nipples off.  The show was General admin, so we were standing the whole time, but we got in and we were only 2 rows back from the stage. Seriously, I could practically be sweated on by Dita...if she sweats, she probably does, but its probably like pure gold or something that comes out of her pores. These wonderful standing spots had 2 issues though, 1. We were standing and mine and the other girls shoes had heels. 2. Assholes wanted to invade my personal space.
Now, you may not know this about me but I have a problem with people touching me and invading my personal space, and I also have a temper that tends to show itself at shows. I have been to A LOT of shows and concerts and I think at about 80% of them I have gotten into a screaming match or some form of altercation, this is not my fault (ok maybe it is). I just don't let people think they can just walk in front of me or step on me and expect me to just be all cool with it. So these crazy tall bitches tried standing, like, right where I was standing, this led to us bumping each other and pushing, which eventually led to her screaming at me to stop pushing her, to which I calmly (read: not calmly at all) explained if she would just go the fuck away, this would not be a problem. This screaming match lasted a minute or so before I finally let it go cause I didn't want to get kicked out. So these crazy tall bitches basically just stood in front of us being all tall and assholeish the whole time and we had to watch the show around their big assholey heads. Whatever, I was here to see Dita and no body was going to ruin that for me. Finally the show started with Ms Dita herself doing her famous Martini dance. I had no idea if I would get to see this dance when I got the tix, but I was so happy I did. I think it was my favorite out of all of them. She pours water over herself and just dances in the most sensual way, I was practically bouncing with happiness. The second dance was by a lovely lady, Ginger Valentine, and it was Dita's own act, the Heart Dance. Out of the performers that weren't Dita, this was my fav. The rest of the show followed with 3 more dances by Dita, and mixed up with other dancers. Dita did the lazy song, a ballet type dance, and then the cowgirl dance. The shoes were all drool inducing, even the ballet shoes were Louboutin ballet shoes (::sigh::). The makeup, the sparkles, the glitter, the boobies, the tassels, all of it was amazing. But, by intermission, my feet hurt so bad I felt like I was walking on bruises, it was so hot in the front I felt like I was in an oven and I was over it. So I moved to watch the remainder of the show from the way back where I had lots of space. The other girls were all in pain too, and we were all ready to go by the end, but it was well worth it. The last dance was Dita riding a mechanical bull and ended with an explosion of glitter; it was down right dreamy.
I would go again in a heartbeat. Dita was everything I expected times 100. Her skin was creamy perfection, she gave me goosebumbs, and I fell in love with her every time she seemed to look right at me and dance.
P.S. The show was MCed by Murry Hill, who was pretty hilarious himself and just added a great factor to an already awesome show.

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