Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Eeyore theory

Eeyore is a donkey. A stuffed donkey that looses his tail rather often, eats thistle, feels left out of everything even when he is invited, and is an all around depressed, sawdust filled, friend of  Winnie the Pooh. He is kind of my hero for his quick sarcastic wit, and his inherent heart of gold that no one seems to really appreciate until the end of the story.
But even though he is my hero a little bit, I also look to Eeyore for some things not to do. Eeyore needs to do something different or nothing is going to change in his life. And that is what I call The Eeyore theory, which is sometimes called the definition of insanity (incorrectly!).
Eeyore keeps loosing his tail because he doesn't pin it on very well, folks keep forgetting his birthday because he doesn't stand up and say "hey guys, my birthday is tomorrow!" If you look at many of Eeyore's personal complaints in his life, many of them can be attributed to his continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting his friends to suddenly start to notice him or act or be different in some way. To get better, to make yourself happier, or to reach a certain goal, a person needs to make a change and not keep living in the rut they have been in and expecting things to fall in their lap. Expecting people to change around you, just because you want them to, is a futile hope and a rather selfish one in my opinion. If someone changes and it suits you, that is a bonus, not an expectation. You are the only one in control of your own life and you are the only one who can really make a difference in your own life.
Now, Eeyore has been said to be clinically depressed, personally, I think he is a stuffed cartoon character and we all need to stop personifying cartoon celebrities. But in case he is and someone takes what I am saying wrong, I want to clarify. Depression is a true illness and requires professional help, sometimes medication, and family and loved ones patience, care and understanding; not just Katy's personal opinion on life and universe and everything.
But, that doesn't mean even a depressed person should just allow themselves to slip into a rut with an expectation to just go ahead and keep living like that forever and never even expect to change the sheets for the bed/nest you have decided is your salvation and the only place that loves and understands you. True depression, every day depression, and even just the every day case of the sucks, can get a little bit better if you make a firm decision to change the shitty situation your living in, even if its just the living situation in your own head. It may not happen quickly, but if you make a choice to, maybe, sew your tail on, rather then keep using a flimsy pin, then maybe, just maybe, tomorrow it wont fall off, and that would make tomorrow a little better. Sometimes its a small change, other times its a life altering decision that adds a sharp left turn to the direction your life is going. Its a hard thing to do, making a change, and its scary as hell. But sometimes it must be done. Living ain't easy, we all make mistakes, and at times that change your gonna make will look like maybe the biggest, hugest mistake ever (like, who the hell decided getting out of bed was a good idea!? There is all these assholes running around trying to talk to me and crap. Nope, this shit is for the birds, i'm going back to bed). That's OK, you can decide to do something totally different! (or maybe just try again later, when its less cold and the bed is less warm. You don't smell that bad yet, right?). If that new sewed on tail option isn't working for you how about some Velcro this time? Or maybe just a different stitch or a stronger thread?
I know I am oversimplifying a huge thing here, but that's on purpose. A big thing needs to be simplified into steps in order to be achievable sometimes. Step 1, Realize you are Eeyore and shit sucks. Step 2, decide to say "this shit ain't working for me, I have to do something different. Step up to the person, are you gonna take a step toward making that change or being a part of the change that needs to be made? Or are you gonna just keep bitching and moaning and hope the world adjusts to you?

Quote from The house at Pooh Corner
“And out floated Eeyore.
"Eeyore!" cried everybody.
Looking very calm, very dignified, with his legs in the air, came Eeyore from beneath the bridge.
"It's Eeyore!" cried Roo, terribly excited.
"Is that so?" said Eeyore, getting caught up by a little eddy, and turning slowly round three times. "I wondered."
"I didn't know you were playing," said Roo.
"I'm not," said Eeyore.
"Eeyore, what are you doing there?" said Rabbit.
"I'll give you three guesses, Rabbit. Digging holes in the ground? Wrong. Leaping from branch to branch of a young oak-tree? Wrong. Waiting for somebody to help me out of the river? Right. Give Rabbit time, and he'll always get the answer."
"But, Eeyore," said Pooh in distress, "what can we--I mean, how shall we--do you think if we--"
"Yes," said Eeyore. "One of those would be just the thing. Thank you, Pooh.” 
― A.A. MilneThe House at Pooh Corner

“How did you fall in, Eeyore?" asked Rabbit, as he dried him with Piglet's handkerchief.
"I didn't," said Eeyore.
"But how--"
"I was BOUNCED," said Eeyore.
"Oo," said Roo excitedly, "did somebody push you?"
"Somebody BOUNCED me. I was just thinking by the side of the river--thinking, if any of you know what that means--when I received a loud BOUNCE."
"Oh, Eeyore!" said everybody.
"Are you sure you didn't slip?" asked Rabbit wisely.
"Of course I slipped. If you're standing on the slippery bank of a river, and somebody BOUNCES you loudly from behind, you slip. What did you think I did?” 
― A.A. MilneThe House at Pooh Corner

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