Thursday, March 9, 2017

My week

So this week on my Blog post Thursday, I wrote something real good early this week, but it doesn't feel like the right thing to post today. I don't know how other people do it, but I can't just post something unless it feels right that day. Whatever, leave it in Drafts and I will post it a day that that feels right, its a good one too, wait till you read it one day (teaser, its a letter to my past and future self). I think the reason it didn't feel right this week, is cause it has been a crazy busy/messed up week for me. So I am just gonna tell you about that instead.

Last Friday: First of all, Hunny is STILL working Night shift. It STILL sucks and and I am beyond over only seeing him for 10 min in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Hate it. Hopefully its over soon.
Anyway, woke up bleeding and hungry and wanting to stab everyone with a spork. What the hell, I have like 5 days before this shit is supposed to happen. Maybe I'm pregnant ::proceed googling everything I can think of that may be a symptom:: (welcome to the life of a person trying to get pregnant. Anything and everything is a 'maybe I'm pregnant' and its a constant cycle of utter disappointment).

: Tim Burton movies all day and 7 loads of laundry with my giant size washing machine. I'm still friggen bleeding, what the hell! Big Eyes was an awesome movie.

Sunday: I went to my sisters, and she did my hair with a curling wand, which I LOVED and is now my go-to style! Then I watched my 7 year old Nephew play basketball. My sister is very enthusiastic about the game. Its cute and she is so into it that the whole crowd was basically forced to be into it too. My sister is a Leader among 7 year old sports watching parents.
Then we went to Ulta Beauty. I have this newfound love of makeup. I didn't wear makeup at all until this past Christmas when several people gave me makeup as a gift. After that subtle hint, I started wearing it and now its like an addiction. Love makeup and I love trying new things and making my face look all different and fun. If ya'll want, I'll do one of those awkward up close videos about how I do my makeup and hair. No one has ever asked me, so I haven't done it.

Monday: Woke up at 2:30 in the morning puking my guts up and had the fever shivers. I was SICK. I had thankfully requested the day off already to take my mom to the Doctor. I ended up taking her anyway even though I was sick because by 9:30 am I was feeling a little better and cause my mom needed me. ::proceeded to google 'are you supposed to be throwing up this early if I'm pregnant.' And why am I still bleeding!!::

Tuesday: Oh look my period! Guess that answers that question (utter disappointment cycle completed for this month). I was still a little sick and had to drive an hour and a half to work in Delaware. Made all the way to the office before I threw up though, yay for small accomplishments! And this time it was one of those times your body says "This is it, we are forcing out everything you have ever eaten or drank and then when we are done, thats its, done with this shit". Which was kind of good because by the time I left Delaware that day I was feeling much better.

Wednesday: Oh good, cramps! But, I get to try my awesome new period undies!! If you are not a women, I am sorry about the TMI, but look how adorable these undies are!!, check em out, they have shirts for men too.

Today: Finally finishing a project up at work that I have working on for months, involves staying super late today at the office, but whatever, I get to hang out with one of my favorite people/vendors while we work. Yay, for getting to pay a person by the hour while you hang out with them and do work! Thank goodness I feel better. Check out my good hair and makeup day today! First time doing the curling wand alone, much to learn.

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