Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tragic news is killing me

I'm all about the political news. To me its like reality TV but it actually has some sort of effect on my life. I can read a political story on and then switch over to and read about the latest Beiber trash story, totally seamless. I don't know what that says about our politics right now other then its a crazy hot mess, but whatever. Actually, I really don't think it says that much. Do you think when Ron Reagan became president everyone wasn't like "what the hell, he is an actor!" Hes not the only one, there was drama when Roosevelt served for 4 terms, or when Taft was elected chief justice after serving as president. I'm just sayin, there has always been a little drama mixed in with the politics, this isn't a new thing, its just the way works.
What I am having trouble with these days is the horrible news. The sad, the tragic, the angry, the intentionally inflammatory shit. I mean come on. There are good things happening around the world too, I mean really great things! Literacy is at an all time high, teens are less likely to smoke and drink and get pregnant, way less people are dying of cancer, entire counties are Malaria free for the first time! Don't get me wrong, I know that tragic news has been around just as long as political drama has. But if our faces are going to be stuffed with news all the damn time, sprinkle that shit with some happy, please!
I read trashy sci-fi fantasy books, Hunny asks why I read such mind numbing crap. My answer? Cause everything else in the world is so damn serious, I need a break. I need to let my mind sometimes go to a place that has no effect on me, that doesn't have some underlying horror that could eventually lead to me choosing death instead of paying for a doctor or surgery cause my health insurance is bullshit, or a life where it will be totally OK that I am disrespected cause I happen to have 2 X chromosomes instead of a penis. These things are real and could actually happen, Chicago isn't just the Broadway play or the movie that has the old Renée Zellweger face in it anymore, now is the real life murder town that people are really getting shot on the courthouse steps after another trial is over.
We know that getting the information out there is important, so the tragic news is kind of good to have out there. That's WHY teen pregnancy is down, that's WHY the bees are (probably) gonna be OK, and that's WHY so many animals are off the endangered speices list these days. Its cause we know now; when before, most people didn't even realize that a lot of these things were a problem. But some days I just cant do it, I just cant read the news or watch the Daily Show or listen to Bill Mahar's panel. I just cant handle the horror all day every day. Some days I just want to hide my head in a book and pretend that the heroin on my book can slay the dragon or defeat the Dark Fae lords and I can watch it all from the safety of my home.

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