Saturday, April 1, 2017

A - Alcohol

A is for Alcohol
I, personally, I am not much a fan of getting drunk, or drinking alcohol in general. I used to, I was a big fan in my early 20s, but then I drank to much and I swear to you, one night I drank 4 long island ice teas in 2 hours and I gave myself a hiatal hernia. Meaning my stomach is fucked forever. There is probably some other bits to my stomach being as fucked up as it is (to much mental health medicine when I was a teen), but my brain/stomach associates bad feelings with alcohol so its all just bad news. I could take medicine every day for it and still drink and eat pizza and stuff, but I don't, cause I don't really like medicine. So basically I try to eat pretty good, which I often fail at, stay away from fried foods, and I take a lot of Zantec for heartburn. This does not have any side effect of keeping my weight down cause, you know, tacos don't make me sick and sometimes bacon is worth the pain.
There is a whole section of life that folks that don't drink for one reason or another like me just don't belong too. Isn't that strange? That just choosing to not consume a specific type of beverage makes you a side liner to so many of life's required social events? I know I often will lie and say "oh yea me too" when folks talk about their wine preferences and tell me how they are going to "totally have a huge drink tonight cause this week was a rough one", cause its easier then explaining that alcohol makes me vomit uncontrollably for 3 days after I drink it. Here's a trick I learned for when I go to the bar, I order something really light for my first drink, like a Malibu bay breeze or even just a Coke and then that passes it off as me drinking and people don't give me a funny look when I'm singing along loudly or dancing like a fool....."I'm so drunk right now, that's why I seem this stupid". It keeps me involved in the crowd when otherwise I am the weirdo who's there chugging water. And you can totally get a sugar buzz from all the damn soda sometimes too! Makes me an awesome person to go out with though cause I am a super reliable Designated Driver!


  1. "sometimes bacon is worth the pain"
    I want that on a T-shirt!

    I don't drink, either.
    I just plain doesn't like the taste, so why do it?

  2. Ah don't be minding what people think. If you dont drink alcohol, it's none of their business. That said...I probably drink enough for the two of us...oh and a few of your family too...and friends...and neighbours, but on the rare occasion I refuse a drink, people say 'Oh are you not well Bernie?' and I reply 'No actually, I just don't fancy a drink tonight', and they laugh and they laugh and they laugh...Bastards!! haha. Great start to the #AtoZChallenge. Looking forward to reading more. See you along the way. Bernie. xxx

  3. Sorry to hear about all the stomach issues. That sounds rough! And yes, bacon and tacos...worth it. :D

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