Monday, April 3, 2017

B - Birth Control Withdrawal is a thing.

I started on Birth control when I was 14. I had terrible debilitating cramps and my PMS exacerbated my mental health issues tremendously. I ran through the whole gauntlet of birth control methods and even tried 2 or 3 of the different types of pills. March of 2015 was my last Shot and since then I have been birth control free. Let me tell you, Birth Control withdrawal is totally a thing:
  1. First period off the stuff (about 3 months after my last shot). Not that bad, now that I'm older those craps must have just been because I was young and not as tough as I am now, hell I barley even got crazy, this is going to be fine.
  2. Several months after that - HA! what was i thinking, this sucks. Gonna have to start buying the heavy duty tampons cause this shit is like whoa. Maybe pads are something I should think about. Oh my god cramps are the worst!! Have I always been such a phyco horn-dog???  Does everyone get this nauseous when they ovulate?? 
  3. Many months later - OK I got this, I got my Clue Tracker App, I got my Advil/extra protection emergency kit in my purse. I got this. 
  4. Never mind, apparently my body likes spontaneity.
  5. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME, WHY IS THIS SHIT CHUNKY?! Oh Hunny is cute when he wears those jeans. 
  6. 1 year later - Less random bleeding. The wild horn-dog sexy daemon only happens when I ovulate and I still get nauseous around that time. The PMS is still pretty crazy, some months I get it and some months I don't. I was under the impression at this point that i would be  my regular self at this point. Clearly not. 
  7. A little over a year after my last shot - This is weird, I'm a couple days late and it only lasted 3 days. Maybe I'm pregnant. No.
  8. My boobs hurt so bad and I'm so tired. Maybe I'm pregnant. No. 
  9. Apparently one's boobs can grow a whole cup size in one day. Didn't know that. Maybe I'm pregnant. No. 
  10. That's not how my period normally looks. Maybe I'm pregnant. No.
It took about a year and a half, give or take a few months before I could honestly tell you my body has calmed down and been free of the withdrawal symptoms that accompany getting off the stuff. Now I have to figure out why I haven't pregnant yet.  

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  1. I think birth control pills are a great thing, but they seriously mess with your body. I spent about 12 years on them, and now have benign liver tumors from the high levels of estrogen for so long.