Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C - Computers

C is for Computers
Because of course C is for computers, this is my blog isn't it? I am a Network Admin for a living. Basically I work in offices and I fix computers, phones, cell phones, GPS's, all the stuff that makes offices run from day to day. I love my job. I sold my soul to The Man to work 9-5 and have weekends off, but its done me good and will continue to do me good till I cant do it no more. So, for C is for computers day in my A to Z Blogging challenge, here is some easy Tips and Trick and answers to questions and issues I get all the time.


**First off. Take a deep breath. Do it....right now........you done? OK, that is what you should do before you try and fix ANY technology issue you have. Take several deep breaths if you have to. The NUMBER 1 thing that happens to people who have a computer problem is that they get frustrated and just start doing stuff and not thinking. Click click click, they get crazy. So stop, walk away, do anything you need to do to relax and think clearly. I know, you need it fixed right now, but working on a technology device while your frustrated is going to take much longer then you walking away for a few minutes and coming back.

OK now we can get to the real stuff. Only if you read the above paragraph first though, don't lie. Stop and go back and read that before you continue.

Cell phone
So your cell phone is slow and keeps closing apps.
iPhone: restart your phone. No, that's not a fix. This will fix it enough you can get through the rest of the stuff I'm going to tell you.
Go to your settings (big gray button with a gear) > make sure Airplane mode is off > Scroll down down down, once you start seeing apps, tap on things you don't want notifications for any more. These notifications are clogging up your life. Turn Cellular data and background app refresh off ONLY ON GAMES.  If you turn off cell data on the wrong thing the whole phone will blow up. OK not really, but bad things will happen, so just turn them off for games. And don't tell me you don't play games, just do it.

*Here is the second BIG tip. Remember what your doing as your fixing things and only do one or 2 things at a time. Why? Because if you just click click click away your going to get lost and do something that breaks things worse, then your fixing a problem you created and the old problem is still happening.

Windows - Computers.
I don't work with Mac computers, sorry. If you have a Mac, I'm not your gal. Please hold your scathing Mac remarks for someone else, I've heard them all. Windows computers pay my bills, move on.
Your computer is slower then when you got it. It takes forever to start up. You always have pop ups. If these are your issues, please stop and re-read the paragraph about not getting frustrated. I understand these issues lead to frustration but I will tell you how to fix them but first you need to accept that you are the problem here, not the computer or your kids who touched it that one time a month ago. Pop-ups and tool bars get installed when you click click click, and say ok ok ok to things. Breathe and read what is on the screen before you click and see what is checked off. My favorite example of this is the Adobe Reader download site. On there in the middle panel is a box that is automatically checked off and will install Mcafee. I know its hard to believe, but its true. It takes longer to load that middle panel so many people just click "Download" and don't even notice.
Now - go to your control panel (if you don't know what this is, please don't do this, google and LEARN, the more you learn the easier computers are. I am assuming if your reading a blog you know where the control panel is) and scroll through the list of programs. Uninstall anything that says the word "toolbar". Leaving anything that says is was published by Microsoft or Intel or has the word "driver" in it or it is something you recognize and use. If its not one of those things and it has a blank publisher, uninstall it, don't get to crazy here but don't be stingy either, hording programs wont help. Next Download and install the free version of this: CCleaner here: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download.
It automatically checks off the important stuff. Leave the rest of it alone or google what it is before you go checking it off yourself. Run the Cleaner, maybe run it a second time too, it takes a few minutes > Next click on the side of the CCleaner window to Registry and Scan for issues and Fix the issues. Backup the registry too. Fix all the selected issues. Run this 3 or 4 times too, you don't need to back up every time, just that first time. Now goto Tools in CCleaner, go to Startup > DISABLE all the things you don't recognize (probably all of them) and leave it if its your mouse or keyboard or your anti-virus. > Go to the Scheduled tasks on this page > Disable pretty much everything. Notice I'm saying DISABLE, not delete, that way if something bad happens after your done you can bring it back.
Now restart your computer and it should be a bit better. Don't make the same mistakes again. If its still really bad, go to a professional cause you have bigger problems then you can fix.

I know this was more then my 400 word promise for the challenge, but directions shouldn't be word skimped.


  1. Haha! nice post.
    I personally google and fix my issues, that in itself is quite risky but I am a daring kinda person. :P
    Then when I make sure I have completely messed it up I seek help of professionals.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best Wishes!

  2. This blog is great. My wife has been struggling with her Windows 10 laptop for months now and your instructions just might help. Glad to have found you through the A-to-Z.

  3. @karnika Its great that you try! And if you break it, at least you learned not to do it again, lol!
    @Mom Deep Breaths mom....
    @Plagued Parent Hope this helps!!
    @JZ I knew you would like this post, lol :)