Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D is for Dita Von Teese

D is for Dita Von Teese
If you have never heard of Ms Dita Von Teese, please allow me enlighten you about the beautiful soul you are missing out on
. She is a beautiful star of dance and burlesque. She has a shoe collection that would make a grown man weep. She is real and kind and yet still ethereal and classically untouchable. She is a classy, classic Glamour Girl and a dirty sexy Femme Fatale. (Here web site says those last 2 even, the rest is all my opinion).
I got the opportunity to go see her in February. (Check out pics and post here), and if you have ever gotten to see a person on stage that you have only ever loved and drooled over on TV and in books and magazines, you know how scary it can be. "What if she isn't what I expect", that's any Fan's worst nightmare right!? Well Ms Dita was everything I expected and possibly more! She was so beautiful, but she was also a person too. She had a stage presence like she was doing the show just for me in the middle of hundreds of other people. I fell in love with her even more that day, but the really great thing was I also fell in love with Burlesque more that day, and THAT is what a great show will do. Ms Dita put together a show that included other dancers as well as a great show MC, and you can tell through the whole thing that she pays attention to details, and she really wants to share her love of the dancing and the beauty and the joy of being sexy. Her books and her photos and even her Instagram are works of art. She gives sex appeal a classy edge and I just think everyone should get to know her. 


  1. I was not aware of who she is, I just checked her Instagram out of curiosity after reading your post!
    She is so beautiful! Her classic essence is absolutely admirable.
    Thanks for the enlightenment!

  2. @Karnika I am so happy to introduce Ms Dita to someone! Thanks for reading!