Thursday, April 6, 2017

E is for Eyes

E is for Eyes
Eyes are supposed to be the "windows of the soul". I have something to admit though, I don't see it (pun totally intended there). Really though, I don't look into a person's eyes and feel some major epiphany of understanding about that person. I just see brown or blue or whatever color eyes and then I feel uncomfortable for staring into some random person's eyes. I don't look back on pictures of people and think "oh look how troubled their eyes were" or "oh look at that old soul in that person's eyes". Maybe my eye-rader is broken, my eye-dar if you will. I feel super weird admitting this, cause eye-dar is supposed to be one of those topics of conversation that folks have in common, like "oh yes, so-and-so had those dark eyes, you could tell they were a serial killer" and then everyone talks about how they saw it too. I just nod and keep my mouth shut at those times. Maybe more people are lieing about it like me and don't want to admit their eye-dar is broken too. 

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Weekends in Maine said...

The only eyes I can read are my pups. WeekendsInMaine