Monday, April 17, 2017

N is for Nice

N is for Nice
"I hope your being nice to everyone! Being mean isn't going to help anything!" This is what I yell at Hunny while he plays Rainbow Six Siege with his headset on and with some of his friends on the other side and a group of people he doesn't know also on his team. I don't know, or particularly care, what is going on while he hollers about drones and someone watching is six or whatever, but I do know he says really mean stuff sometimes and its not very nice.
I often tell folks, I am not a nice girl, but Nice is a rather broad meaning word don't you think? I'm not nice, I have met really nice people, and I am definitely not one of them. Nice people know how to console a sad person with the right word or touch, or knows what to say at group gatherings after your cousin says something that makes everyone feel awkward. I am more likely to be the awkward cousin who says the wrong thing at the right time. Nice people know how to take a compliment with grace and always give one back appropriately, they have an inner beauty that shines through their smile. Not me. Not most people to be honest with you. Really nice people are a gift that should be cherished and we should look to them when the rest of us are stumbling over our words and unintentionally bringing the happy vibe of the room down. Me? I am not a nice girl, but I do think I am a generally good person who tries not to be too mean. I laughed when guys would cry after I broke up with them, I tell people when their hair looks like shit or if they have something in their teeth, and it takes me 10 minutes after receiving a compliment to realize I should totally have said something more then "Thanks! I think I am adorable too!". But I do love animals and will go to great lengths to make sure they are happy in my care. I love my family and friends and try my best to show them that. Most of all I try to assume all people are generally good on the inside and have good intentions, no matter how much it may seem to just be bastards.


Anonymous said...

One of our fellow A to Z'ers ( had a post a few days ago where she reviewed Anna Kendrick's autobiography (the actress from Pitch Perfect and that vampire series). She had this quote about how she gave up on being Nice and started putting more value in other qualities like passion, bravery, intelligence, practicality, humor, patience, fairness, sensitivity. Some seem to be covered by nice but are so much more. Anna then goes on to talk about how she wants to be 10% defiant. I think I may have to read that book and make that my life goal.

Anyway - your post made me think of that post. While I never aim to be unkind, I don't aim to be nice. If that's a result of my actions: bonus. Thank you for an intelligent (not nice) moment of reflection. - Louise

Jz said...

Neither nice nor kind here, either.
(Fairly insipid words, actually...)

I try not to be mean, or catty, or other assorted negative things...
But that hardly tips me into nice, kind, or even kinda nice.

Weekends in Maine said...

Interesting to read another perspective on Nice during the A to Z Challenge. I really connected with Anna Kendrick's chapter on nice from "scrappy little nobody". It is such a complicated word and I think there are often other things to aspire to instead depending on how "nice" is used. Enjoyed your post. WeekendsInMaine