Tuesday, April 18, 2017

O is for Opinionated

O is for Opinionated
Well see, at first, I was like, I am going to make this post about opinions, similar to my L post about Learning. But then, I was like, "Katy, you are an opinionated brat you know that?" Then I was all like, "pffhht, no I'm not.", to which my response was "Why you lie to yourself Katy?" The arguments in my head are really immature sometimes. Its true though, I am an opinionated brat. Its one of the reasons I have a blog. I have a huge need to get my thoughts and opinions out of my head and express them to the world and I just cross my figures and hope someone wants to read them. Some other synonyms for opinionated:

  • assertive (well thats a nice way to put it)
  • cocky (I'll show you cock....)
  • stubborn (apporiate)
  • adamant (I don't think that's a bad thing)
  • bossy (I haven't been bossy since I was 10)
  • bullheaded (that't the grown up, work approved version of Bossy)
  • cocksure (Excuse me, what you just call me!)
  • conceited (phfft! me?)
  • high-handed (I wouldn't mind being called high-handed. I think it sounds classy.)
  • inflexible (well ok. Maybe)
  • obstinate (I feel like obstinate is what my teachers said instead of bossy when I was 10)
  • one-sided (harsh bro)
  • overbearing (What Hunny calls me)
  • pigheaded (the non-beef eaters version of bullheaded)
  • positive (that's a positive way of saying it, haha, get it? pun)
  • pragmatic (What i call myself when Hunny says I'm over-bearing)
  • self-assertive (Also what I call myself)
  • single-minded (what my boss calls me)
  • uncompromising (what my family and friends call me)

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