Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q is for Questions

Q is for Questions
One of my biggest pet peeves in the whole world is when you need an answer to something, you go ask a person who should know the answer, and they say "I don't know" and that's it. Nothing line, "but I could check" or "but I can point you to a person that does know" or anything like that, nothing. Drives me freaking bonkers. This peeve is mostly exclusive to work, since in real life this doesn't usually apply. But still, I spend a lot of time at work so this pet peeve tends to crop up almost daily. The reason most of the time that a person says "I don't know" is because they never ask questions. They are told information and rather then asking about any depth to that information, they take it at face value and that's all. Take chances, get messy, make mistakes!! and let me add Ask Questions! Ms Frizzle has become one of my hero's as an adult. I didn't properly appreciate her until I grew up, now her go-get-em attitude, her self confidence, and her absolute joy in her job is something I aspire to. She doesn't believe in "I don't know", when someone says that to her, she drags their sorry ass to her Magic freaking School Bus, turns into a grasshopper or some shit, and shows them the freaking answers!! I try to imagine sometimes how my job would go if if said "oh, I don't know" and left it at that when someone calls and tells me their computer or cell phone is broken, "Hey Katy, my computer just turned off suddenly and when I turned it back on there are skulls on the background and the icons are all skulls now and its blinking" (that happened to me once, for real), what if my answer had been, "Oh wow. I don't know" and then I went back to whatever tinkering I was doing? HA! I wouldn't have a job is the answer. And yet somehow, so many other people do that exact same thing and still have a job, and are even looked to as very important people! I wish for one day I could be Ms Frizzle. I would be dragging folks to my Magic freaking School Bus and showing them how shit works all the damn time. Be like, "Oh you don't know how that that happened? Lets go inside the motherboard, and we will see how you must have pressed a button, cause computers only do what you tell them too!!"


The Informal Matriarch said...

Makes me bonkers too. If I don't know the answer to your question, you bet your boots I'll be googling that shit right now.

Holding Daisies, Counting Stars said...

@ InformalMatriarch Exactly my point! We live in an age where you can get answers quick as anything, how can anyone just say "I don't know" to anything!