Saturday, April 22, 2017

S is for Science

Today is Earth Day. Today is also the day of the March for Science. Science is not just a huge thing you can just say "I march for science" so, hold on, lets get a definition of science going here....

OK, since you can't just march and expect Science to be like "aww, thanks guys for supporting me", lets discuss the reasons for this march today. I read the March for Science website and Facebook and I also read a lovely article by The Atlantic, and that article I think has the best break down of explanations about Why there is a march going on.

  1. Celebrate “passion for science.” Science is what makes us understand why the world goes round and helps us to continue letting it do that. This is a damn fine reason for a march. 
  2. Celebrate what science does for people and “the many ways that science serves our communities and our world.” Electricity doesn't come from the magic outlets in the walls and through the magic lines on poles. Its science that gave us electricity and bajillions of other things. 
  3. Encourage the public “to value and invest in science” and “appreciate and engage with science.” Value?! Invaluable you mean! The government, rich people, and everyone else should throw money at science. Parents should be teaching their kids that science is cool and that we engage in it all day every day! 
  4. Encourage scientists to “reach out to their communities” and share their research and its impact. Scientist know all kinds of great stuff and are awesome to talk too! 
  5. Encourage scientists to “listen to communities” and consider their research from the perspective of the people they serve.  Sometimes the smartest people forget to listen.
  6. Affirm science as a “vital feature of a working democracy.” Has this been forgotten?  
  7. Show science to be “first and foremost a human process” that is “conducted, applied, and supported by a diverse body of people.” 
  8. Support research “that gives us insight into the world” and “upholds the common good.”
  9. Encourage people to “support and safeguard the scientific community.” 
  10. Call for robust federal funding “in support of research, scientific hiring, and agency application of science to management.” THIS is a good reason for a march. Science and understanding the world around us is IMPORTANT. If we don't understand how shit works, how can we fix the shit we keep breaking? 
  11. Advocate for “open, inclusive, and accessible science” that is “freely available.” Can you believe that this needs to be said? It does though. People are hiding their research so it doesn't get exploited, I get that, but if you don't share what you know, then how can someone else make a difference in the world with that knowledge? 
  12. Support science education that teaches people “to think critically, ask questions, and evaluate truth based on the weight of evidence.”  Take chances, get messy, make mistakes!!! - Ms. Frizzle. 
  13. Encourage political leaders and policy-makers to enact evidence-based policies, and “make use of peer-reviewed evidence and scientific consensus, not personal whims and decrees.” ::sigh:: Why does this need to be said? Why does this need to be something that is marched for?! But it does, really it does, cause right now they are in fact enacting things that are based on personal whims and personal gain. Did you know that Trump call Climate change "a hoax created by and for the Chinese.", seriously. 
  14. Oppose “policies that ignore scientific evidence” or “seek to eliminate it entirely.”  In several states its illegal  to talk about climate change Link
  15. Oppose policies that “threaten to further restrict scientists’ ability to research and communicate their findings.” 
  16. Oppose an “alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus.” Antiscience Click that link, its a thing. 
  17. Oppose the “mischaracterization of science as a partisan issue.” Science is fact. That's sort of the whole point of it (see above definition), so its not a partisan issue, again how is this even a question?
  18. Protect science from “manipulation by special interests.” !!!!!!!
  19. Hold leaders in science and in politics “accountable to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity.” I like how this 'reasoning' does say "in science and in politics". Glad there is someone admitting its not ALL big governments fault.
  20. Stand up for scientists: “Speak up for them when they are silenced” and “protect them when they are threatened”. You don't need money to support Science, you just need a voice, big or small. Don't just let people spout bullshit you know is not true. Stand up for Science and scientists,, Stand up for Facts, don't just let the next generation come in thinking "electrolytes, it's what plants crave"
  21. Encourage and support a new generation of scientists “that increasingly includes historically underrepresented groups.”

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