Monday, April 24, 2017

T is for the Troll in my Purse

In case you didn't know, I have a troll that lives in my purse. He goes by #thetrollinmypurse on Instagram and he has his own page here on my blog: The Troll in my Purse, so keep following along since I am sure there will be many Troll adventures in the future. 

Here are some of his adventures so far:

Trolling around in the recesses of a jewelry jungle (check out! )

Troll watching the Daytona 500. We love #78! Go Truex!! 

Troll at the Dita von Teese show! He was a bit scandalized by all the boobies.
Troll picking up the hot young Trolls
Chillin at the Giants game. Literally. Naked Trolls get cold in the snow too!! 

At a yacht club breakfast on a rainy day in Jersey

 Workin. Small troll hands can get in those tiny places

 National Cat cuddles day with Ms Meow

 National cat day posing with Penny

 Driving a Bobcat Skidsteer
 IHOP Breakfast with the Hunny


  1. That is just too charming. I once owned at least have a dozen trolls in a variety of colors. Happy A to Z!

  2. What a well traveled troll - and with fabulous hair to boot. You're very lucky he decided to take up residence in your purse.

  3. You know, I saw his picture in your Dita show post... and had no stinkin' idea.
    I'm SO glad to be in the know now! :-)