Tuesday, April 25, 2017

U is for unchanging

U is for Unchanging
I am going to tell you about my ride to work.
When I lived and worked in South Jersey I would drive though a small town. On my way to work I passed an old man who has some sort of mental illness. He had a very young maturity level, but was very loved by a lot of people. Every day around 7:30 am I would pass him on his way to the bus stop. He was always wearing a funny hat. Thanksgiving was a turkey hat, Christmas was a funny red and green hat, he had duck hats and jester hats, all kinds of fun hats. I looked forward to seeing him every day.
When I lived in another part of Jersey and worked at another job i would drive to work an hour through a lot of back roads. One day I saw a deer on the side of the road and a HUGE bald eagle eating it. Over the course of 4 days this eagle ate the deer carcass. By the time he was done and the bugs had gotten to it, in less then 2 weeks it was all bone. It was amazing to watch.
During that same drive I would pass cranberry farms. I got to watch the growth and picking of cranberry's. The fields get filled with water and the workers ride through it with these big ol' bicycle looking things and then the nets reel them all in and fill the trucks up. So cool to watch.
When I drive to work now I pass a lot of runners. They inspire me. One women I watch she runs miles and miles in her hasidic jewish clothes. Covered head, long sleeves, long leggings and with a skirt over it. She seems like such a tough cookie. I wish I could meet her and talk to her.
Another guy I pass who runs every day, I remember his first day he went running. I could tell because he was out of shape and sweating a lot and clearly out of breath. Every day he runs either on my way to work and I see him or in the afternoon on my way home. I watched him lose pound after pound and every week he was further along in his run then he used to be and much less out of breath. I wish I could tell him I was proud of him.
Every morning I see one guy who wears a red shirt and jeans. We usually wave. He's always wearing the same thing.
Some of these people I don't see any more because I have moved away or they aren't around any more. I don't know their name or anything about their lives. I make up stories in my head about them and how they got there and where they are going. Most of them don't notice me and I don't want them to. Its like this tiny innocent piece of life that I keep in my mind, all pure and perfect.
I wonder if anyone watches me? Weirdos.

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