Wednesday, April 26, 2017

V is for unusual V shaped words

V is for unusual V shaped words
OK I have something to admit. Well 2 things actually. the first one is, I LOVE WORDS. I cant spell worth a shit (i try, really i do) and my written grammar is awful sometimes (speaking i am not to bad), but I love the american language and I totally wish I was one of those people who could pick up other languages really easy and learn words in other languages too. Words are just so cool, they have so many different meanings, the history of language is really neat and like, how words earned their meaning is super cool too! I wrote a little about this before in an old post "Words & Opinions" The second thing I have to admit it i love the a to z challenge but some letters leave me blank as to what to write about, so i default to scouring the internet in search of interesting words that start with the letter of the day. After getting lost for a substantial amount of time, rather then picking one word I am like "Oh, my readers need to learn about ALL THESE WORDS!!" and I end up with a list like I did for the letter G and the letter O, So, here is another list for the letter V courtesy of The Phrontistery

Awesome V shaped words. 

  • vaaljapie inferior wine
  • vacatur annulment
  • vaccary dairy or cow pasture
  • vaccimulgence cow milking
  • vacherin sweet mixture of meringue and whipped cream
  • vacillate fluctuate in opinion or resolution
  • vacive empty
  • vacuefy to produce a vacuum
  • vacuist one who holds that an absolute vacuum is possible in nature
  • vacuity emptiness
  • vacuole fluid-bearing cavity in organic tissue
  • vadimony bond or pledge given before a judge
  • vafrous cunning; sly
  • vagant roaming, wandering
  • vagarian whimsical person
  • vagation act of roaming or wandering
  • vagient crying like a baby
  • vagility ability to succeed in the struggle for existence
  • vagulate to wander; to waver
  • vainglory idle boastfulness
  • vallidom worth, value
  • valse dance in triple time; waltz
  • vambrace armour for the forearm
  • vaniloquence vain or foolish talk
  • vanitarianism pursuit of vain things
  • vansire carnivorous South African ferret
  • vaporiferous making steam or vapour
  • vapulate to flog; to be flogged
  • vardle bottom hinge of a gate
  • vardo gypsy caravan
  • varvel metal ring attached to hawk's jess that connects to a leash
  • vastation purification through destroying evil elements
  • vasy slimy
  • vau sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
  • vecordy madness, foll 

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