Saturday, April 29, 2017

Y for Compulsively making things worse

Y for Compulsively making things worse 
(A to Z challenge, Y has me stuck, so....compulsively ends in Y. Sorry that's all I got. )
Should get this tattooed to the back of my hand.
Ha! If only I could stop compulsively making things worse. I am the queen of making this worse, which often leads to someone saying to me in a rather frustrated or angry voice "WHAT THE HELL KATY!". Seriously, I am not good at much in the world, but this is something I am really really good at. This is why I fix computers for a living, not just because I require spell check for my writing, but because I am a expert at making them way more broken. Fortunately its one of the few things I can fix after I make it worse (and most people have no idea how bad I often screw them up before i fix them). I am also really good about not repeating my mistakes over and over again, but then again, it is amazing how many different mistakes one can make in life.


Jz said...

I used to have a little sign that said, "By trying very hard to make things better, I am often able to make them much, much worse."

I've decided to simply view it as a mad skill and get over it... ;-D

Mom said...

I always felt anybody can do anything. But if you can fix your mistakes, that is where the talent lies