Thursday, May 4, 2017

A to Z challenge Over Bro

How about A to Y challenge survivor :) 
I am still saying I survived the A to Z challenge even though I only made it from A to Y. Z was beyond my mental capacity. Last month was a tough one for me, I'm not ready to talk about details on the internets here, but the A to Z challenge both made it easier to get through and harder. I need a vacation.
Here is some other things that are getting me through tremulous times:

  • My recent love of Make-up. I love the way I can make my face match who I want to be that day. I also love the weekends where I can let my hair be a crazy mess and my face be makeup free. Defining a line between public me and private me has been a really freeing experience.
  • Books, and most especially Neil Gaiman. I had not read any Neil Gaiman before, heaven only knows why. I love his writing and there is lots of it for me to get through.
  • Other Bloggers. The A to Z challenge gave me that gift. Reading other blogs and losing myself in their thoughts has been lovely. And the Challenge gave up some really awesomely thought provoking writing. And some funny shit to. 
  • New stuff to do at work. I had to wrestle it out of my bosses hands, but I have some new stuff i am dealing with at work. I love learning new things. 
  • Sexy weekend getaway with Hunny! We went to Pocono Palace Resort in PA. It wasn't till the very end of the month, but it turned out to be the most necessary perfect thing we could have done for ourselves. We had sexy time, then we would wonder out and our one night package included dinner and breakfast, so we would go eat. There was a great little bar and a fun game room. It was just a lot of stress free wondering and sexy time in a heart shaped hot tub. Loved it!
So here to fingers crossed for May being easier. For May to give me a place to start and a direction for my feet to start going. 

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  1. It does have a way of sucking up a lot more time than you expect... and adding more fun than you expected, too!
    Sorry the stress levels are up - sending "whammies" for things to start evening out for you.