Thursday, May 18, 2017

"OMG, how did you get so good at this!"

"Wow Katy, how did you get so good at this?" "Well, I fucked up a lot and learned from my mistakes." ::laugh track plays::
Other answers to "How did you get so good at this"
"Google and a dream"
"cause you are so bad at it I had to figure out something"
"cause I am not good at anything else so I focus really hard at this"
"I'm not, I just click really fast so it looks like I know what I'm doing"

Generally I get this question when I am fixing someones computer. I guess I have gotten this question other times, I cant think of anything at this moment, but i am sure i am pretty good at something else and managed to impress someone at some point in my life. But for real, Google and a dream and a lot of trial and error. You can learn to be good at anything if you get on the internet, search what you want to do until you get to a written or video tutorial, watch it all the way through and then try to accomplish your goal, fuck up, and then try and try again until you get it right (often several tutorials are required before the goal is reached).
Now the hardest part of all that is the fucking up. If you are prone to anxiety (like me), its a huge deal when you screw something up and need to continue moving forward despite that screw up. Like, mountain climbing in Alaska huge. My stomach starts twisting at the thought of facing my husband/friend/boss/coworker and being like "listen, i screwed up, and now there is going to be 80 billion times more work in order to accomplish a very small task." Yea. Scary. Even worse when you screw up the same thing twice. That happens too. But at the end of the day, once you admit your mistake, its done. I mean, the mistake is made, you cant undo it, and the consequence is going to happen, just hope for the best. Being a nice person before the mistake happens helps, and being on good terms with the person who has to deal with the fall out with you is also good. Also, being known as the person who fixes other peoples mistakes all the time helps too.
So wait, whats the lesson really here?
You are going to fuck up at some point, its inevitable, you just have to keep on keepin on?
Or is it that not being an asshole has a lot of benefits, like that the chances of being forgiven for inevitable mistakes is much higher?
Or is it that you can learn to do anything with Google, a dream, and the ability to recover from inevitable fuck ups?

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