Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Thanks Meghan Markle! If you got this, maybe I got this too!

Maybe you would consider me a basic bitch for this, but I follow celebrity news. I also follow political news. These days, they are about the same anyway. But yesterday I saw that Meghan Markle is pregnant at the age of 37. You want to know something? That makes me feel so much better about the whole baby making thing for some reason. Like, if this women, an american born, British gosh darn princess can manage a "geriatric pregnancy" in front of the entire world at then maybe I can manage my shit. Like, so what if I wait a while longer before I decide if I want to do IVF, Meghan is 37! So what if it never even happens! Maybe if Meghan didn't marry a damn prince we wouldn't have even had kids! You know what Meghan, if you got this, maybe I got this too! Thanks for representing girl! 

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