Friday, October 19, 2018

Weight loss, Running, and Keto.

It started out a few months ago, I am not sure how many months, but maybe more then 3 but less then 6? Hunny said to me one day that he had decided he was going on the Keto diet. I said sure,
Sure hun..without me...
why not, I'm in. He said I didn't have to do it and that it was just something he wanted to do, but I was ready for the life change and it made sense to do together. I'm not sure what how he was planning on doing it without me considering I cook the dinner every night, make the lunches most...some...weeks, and do all the grocery shopping. I feel like he often forgets that these things don't just magic into place every day, and while he does cook sometimes, there are 7 days in a week and we eat on all of them. Alas, it didn't matter cause I was a jiggly and unhappy 160+ pounds and only 5'6" and he was a bloated and out of breath 280+ pounds at 6'3".
Thus we began our journey into a healthier diet and we were determined that this time we weren't gonna just do the fad diet and then forget it in a few weeks, which we have sadly done way to many times.
It started with Hunny purchasing a book. I love my husband so freaking much but when this book came in and he proudly picked out the meal prep lunch he wanted for the week and handed it to me, all excited for the diet to start, I laughed so hard I nearly fell over. This is the book: Keto Meal Prep: The Ultimate Keto Meal Prep Guide for Beginners  I have cooked recipes from this book a bunch of times since we got it and I haven't had a bad meal with it, so I definitely recommend it for preps.
The first 2 weeks we followed the Keto rules. Hunny more so then me, but I tried really hard and did reasonably well. No carbs, period, that I stuck to. No sugar. I did not do so well there. Hunny did, he's better at following rules. But the whole Keto thing is just an unrealistic diet to stick to 100% of your daily life. I think its really a great diet to use as a 'reset' and since our first 2 weeks we have done a week or a few days of strict Keto eating and it gets us back on track. But where Keto really helped us was that we learned how much of our diet was a massive amount of carbs and sugar we ate every single day, and cutting that back has been what really got us going in the right direction.
This is not how me and Hunny
look working out. 
We started exercising. Hunny more so then me. This is why he has lost an entire toddler in weight and I have only lost a small dogs worth of weight. Hunny goes to the gym and does the elliptical at least 5 days a week. I go to the gym occasionally, and in the beginning I ran on the treadmill at the gym a lot. Now I run in my neighborhood 2 or 3 days a week and do squats and a few other things at home.
We did it. Our goals have been reached and new ones have been set. I came into this not planning to lose weight, but to start eating better and thus feeling better. I wanted to not be so tired all the time, I have done that for sure. I wanted to be happier and not struggle with my depression so much, so I have discovered an active coping skill that made my body and my mind stronger.
We changed our habits, our daily lives, our entire way of thinking about food! We don't see a pasta dinner with alfredo as a good dinner, but as really unhealthy for us. We see a breakfast of yogurt, an apple and milk as equivalent to a coffee and 4 oreos in sugar (4!!), and try to stay away from it. We know what makes us put on weight and what a good portion of food is for us. We still have days we throw all caution to the wind and have a milkshake and a burger and leave the bun on (gasp!) but we will only have one meal like that instead of 2 or 3, and the following days we try and be good.
My new goals are to run a little less and do more weight lifting. I want to be strong and healthy not noddley but skinny. I want to do more yoga and work on breathing techniques not just for running but to help my asthma and i want to meditate more and raise my base level of happiness. Skinny is not a goal and never will be. Heath and happiness and is. But to say I am not super excited to have lost 15 pounds and 2 pants sizes would be a big fat lie. My waist is lookin hot as shit these days :)

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